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The Speaker Agenda Show

Feb 4, 2020

Guest: Madeline Mann from Self Made Millennial



How do people know what you do, what you stand for or what you are “known for”?

Content Creation for personal branding helps you interact with your audience in a way that helps you become a familiar face. Whether you are looking for more sales, your next job opportunity, to be viewed as a subject matter expert or as a thought leader in your space personal branding helps you build trust and helps the audience build those emotional connections needed to move a stranger to the next step to the next step in the relationship.

Today I have with me Madeline Mann and she is the creator of Self Made Millennial, a Youtube channel that provides rapid fire, battle tested career advice and we cover how to use Linkedin, Youtube and even TikTok to build your personal brand. Believe me she is the Recruiting Queen on TikTok and in fact her Tiktok account has gained over 144K followers and millions of views on her videos in just a few short months.

Stick around we’re going to get started Right NOW.




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