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The Speaker Agenda Show

Mar 4, 2020

Building a chatbot can be a bit intimidating.

There are 3 main types of chatbots

1 there’s a menu or button-based these work kinda like a multiple choice question where the chatbot prompts you to pick an answer based on a limited selection.

2 there’s a keyword-based chatbot. If the user types in a keyword the bit will just offer up the answer much like a basic search function

And the creme de la creme is a contextual AI-driven chatbot that understands the users' request because it has natural language processing, some usually some kind of machine learning to understand how well it working based on what actions the users take.

So how do you match the chatbot to the use case? How do create a user journey that makes sense? And more importantly, how do you not frustrate your user that just wants an answer to their question.

I have chatbot consultant that’s is going to help walk us they some of the finer points of building a successful chatbot

Please welcome to the show Martin Redstone from Recruitment Chatbot Guide